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LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower Review

Make Your Rainy Days More Exciting With LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower

Lego has really gone up against all your boring and grey rainy days! Forget about just lying around the house, depressed over the outside weather, having absolutely nothing special or entertaining to do! The all new LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower is here, at your rescue!

There’s really no point in talking about the attention in details and amazing craftsmanship the people from Lego have proved over and over again. Endless, creative sets with thousands and thousands of little pieces that will surely give your creative part of the brain a huge boost!

This time, the Lego people are inviting us on a creative field trip to wonderful Paris! There is no problem if you didn’t have the chance to make this trip for real, I’m sure the experience of building your own Eiffel Tower will be even more exciting than that dusty, old picture you would gain after making the trip! No need for reservations, money for airplane tickets or the bother of packing up the entire house. Just find the nearest Lego selling market and attack it to conquer your own Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower LEGO Set

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Interesting Facts

It’s rather interesting how the Lego people have crossed the line from just building toys for little kids to incorporating a real life historical monument! At first, when you think of it, a historical monument is not really the first thing you would associate to making something fun! Times are definitely changing with the new LEGO Eiffel Tower!

You can look at this product this way: have you ever dreamt of being a giant and going all around the world and having all those enormous landmarks at your feet? Now, Lego gives you the chance to build your own enormous landmarks, at your own feet! Also, this is based on the actual blueprints that were used when building the real thing, from 1889 to 1930!

This set is built to a 1:300 scale and it will astonish you with its attention to every detail!

Also, as you may have expected that building your Eiffel Tower wouldn’t be all that easy, this why this set is recommended for people that are over 16 years of age! It would be a bit difficult to make use of this set as a family activity, because it may be just too hard for your kids to make those 3,428 pieces to look like this historical monument!

You can’t really look at the Eiffel Tower LEGO set as being just another toy, because it’s really not even close! It’s true that this will not have any special features, like having little characters surrounding it and make you get into the Parisian mood, but it will surely give you the chance to test your patience and also your creativity. The set comes with instructions about setting it up, but it’s up to your imagination to make the best of it.

You will definitely find this product challenging, but you can be sure that finishing and displaying a 3-1/2 feet tall Eiffel Tower in your own home will be a pretty sweet reward!

Advantages and Drawbacks

The main advantage of this product could be considered to be the historical dimension of this set that you would otherwise call a simple toy. The LEGO Architecture Eiffel Tower embodies a real-world skyscrapers and the historic trip you’ll take building this will be reward enough for everything!

LEGO Eiffel TowerWhen seeing a product like the LEGO Eiffel Tower the first thing that comes to your mind is that this will be a definite time consuming and energy stealing activity. The people from Lego have tried to avoid this and make the experience a chance to have fun and relax, so this set comes prepared with really useful instructions on how to build it. You can be sure that if you follow carefully everything the instruction book tells you to do, you won’t end up with only a sad old pyramid, your own Eiffel Tower if guaranteed to come up at the end.

Moreover, seeing that this type of construction is a rather tall one, you don’t have to put everything together, at once. The set is conceived in such a way, that you can build the tower in a total of 3 sections. Besides the fact that the building process is much easier like this, it can also help you in the storage and transport department!

Because the final construction ends being 3-1/2 feet tall, you’re going to have a bit of a problem with the fact that it will be a bit unstable during the building process. You can try dividing the building process in 3 big parts to have more stability and not risking a tragedy of historical proportions.

Moreover, the warning on the box about “age 16+” is really not kidding and you can’t ignore it! If you were thinking of purchasing the  Eiffel Tower LEGO set and making it a day with your kids, you should think twice if they are really able to take on something this complex! And if you think of keeping the set around children, be extra careful because Lego pieces are a choking hazard!

What Others Say About LEGO Eiffel Tower

Generally, the LEGO Eiffel Tower has really good reviews and people are really excited about the initiative to place historical monuments in a game form.

Still, one of the complaints about this was the fact that a Lego replica isn’t historically accurate because The Eiffel Tower is not made of bricks, like the end result would be! Nevertheless, if you are an imaginative person, you will definitely get over this minor drawback!

Botton Line

So, prepare yourself for some hours of fun, concentration and extremely hard and creative work. The LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower will be a difficult relaxation method, but the end result will worth it!

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